My first post


Food, an old friend.

Food has been a hobby, an interest and I would even go as far as saying a passion of mine from a very young age. I talk about it, I think about it, I can get very excited about it. So now I’m going to write about it.

I have very fond memories of staying with my grandparents and cooking them three course meals from fine dining recipe books.
I will never forget my Nana’s Sunday roasts and her legendary pork crackling. I also have vivid memories of ‘cooking’ in the garden when I was very young and presenting my family with attractively arranged plates of grass, flowers and mud.

Health Stuff…

I’m not really interested in sharing a journey or such with everyone but I have suffered from a few digestive issues over a number of years which came to a head earlier in the year and I’ve recently been diagnosed with food intolerances, including yeast and gluten.

As well as getting a lot of pleasure from food, I am conscious it can also aid healing in the body. Having any sort of food intolerance or allergy can make it tricky to enjoy eating out and cooking at home so another reason I’d like to share my recipes with the world wide web, is to help give other intolerance/allergy sufferers some meal inspiration.

Some Foodie Thought

Have some of what you want every now and again. Try and resist being greedy – but if you want to be greedy now and again – do it and don’t feel bad.
Try a new recipe once a month. Buy an ingredient you’ve always wanted to cook with or that interests you and then find a recipe you can use it in.

Yes, I cook with salt and olive oil and occasionally butter.
Yes I eat white bread (gluten and yeast free!) from time to time.
I feel better in myself when I get my carbs from fruit and vegetables.
I don’t do cereal and toast for breakfast but no, I’m not Paleo.
I like to cook and eat food that nourishes my body but I also don’t see the point in cutting out entire food groups (unless for medical reasons).
Moderation is key.

Why the blog?

I get excited by food. Whether it simple, easy food I cook on a day to day basis, a more unusual, experimental recipe or just a really enjoyable dining experience at a restaurant.
I want this blog to be somewhere I can record my excitement over a new culinary finding or dining experience and share with others, in the hope they might experience the same elation that cooking and eating food often gives me.

I also like taking photographs, especially of my food (see my instagram :)) So…this happened.



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  1. Nana would have loved to have read your blog Hayley, her love of food and the written word joined together have obviously been passed on to you. I am yet to eat a Sunday roast to match theirs, with grandad’s array of veg from the garden. I look forward to reading more. Sandy x

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